translated from Spanish: Already do this Eggplant and hummus sandwich

A few days ago, one of the chefs of cooktop had to do all the cooking staff, told him to make a sandwich and tells me: “there is nothing more than vegetables, and isn’t a sandwich without meat sandwich”. He did it the same and ended up eating two. The following week he returned to do so. Hold the salad sandwich. This is not the same, but it is just as rich and easy. The only long step is to make the hummus (which you can see here). The most important thing is that everything is well seasoned. INGREDIENTESHummus
Roasted eggplant
Lemon c/n
Vinegar c/n
Salt and pepper to taste
Lactal bread
Mint (optional, but will)
1. slice tomato and cucumber into thin slices and season with lemon, vinegar, salt and pimienta.2. Make an egg boiled 7 minutes, no more, no less: have to turn on the timer. When rings, put the egg in a reverse bath; i.e. a bowl with water and ice, to cut the egg cooking and keep this creamy yolk of the paraiso.3. If you are going to take to work or square sandwich, toast the slices of bread, so they endure more, and spread with hummus. On a lid to accommodate a thin layer of cucumber and tomato salad, place a layer of Eggplant previously grilled and seasoned (see recipe here), then a layer of cut egg, mint leaves, another layer of Eggplant, another salad and close. Party.

Original source in Spanish

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