translated from Spanish: AMLO lashes out against Reforma newspaper and internet bots

Mexico.-the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), Tuesday lashed out at the newspaper Reforma, he accused of having published his home address, and urged social networks to avoid the recruitment of bots which carry out a «gue dirty RRA»media. «In his press conference morning held in National Palace, AMLO criticized this national newspaper» published on its front page a blanket where there is a threat «to his person and indicating your address.» Why they put the blanket? Do not seem in bad taste? Where is ethics? «, questioned AMLO, who assured that reform has»a very peculiar conservatism».» Andrés Manuel López Obrador made reference to the cover of reform on Saturday, in which it was reported that an alleged leader of a criminal group had threatened to attack the home of the President in the South of the Mexican capital.

This newspaper (reform), if it continues, will end as a pasquin (pamphlet). Hopefully corrected, he said.

He also ran against this newspaper columnists who criticized it for having taken several hours to publicly react to the massacre of 13 people Saturday in the Western State of Veracruz.
I have no problem of conscience, I’m every day working for peace and justice in the country, said.

The newspaper Reforma has become during the past few weeks the main target of the attacks carried out by the President against the call «fifi press», a term that refers to the conservative and critical media with his Government.

«Andrés Manuel, also criticized the»dirty war»that took place since the electoral campaign last year with the use of bots that spread in social networks false news against him.» We are not going to censor social media nothing absolutely, but I call eco-companies that traded in nets to see if there may be a mechanism that prevents, uncensored, the hiring of robots, called bots», he said. He pointed out that this is an issue that «must take care» Facebook and Twitter, platforms who asked that «ethics» prevails. Lopez Obrador has always praised the «blessed social networks» because through these could make campaign beyond traditional media, who he has accused of being in the service of previous Governments.

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