translated from Spanish: Jeyson Rojas: «We look forward to leaving Colo Colo well»

Jeyson Rojas, side of Colo Colo, said on Thursday that the Albo campus is «very excited» to be the protagonist and go for the title at the 2021 National Championship, after a 2020 campaign for oblivion, avoiding dramatizing for the weekend’s break against O’Higgins at the Monumental Stadium.Consulted by the atmosphere of the first team of the ‘Cacique’ in Pedrero , the young defender stated at a press conference that «the group is very happy, very happy and very excited. We are looking forward to going out to win and leaving Colo Colo well.» Let’s go step by step. We are focused on what will be our next rival of the weekend (Everton de Viña del Mar),» he added. As for the eventual arrival in Macul of the Argentine Emiliano Amor as a central zaguero, the 19-year-old noted that «we still do not receive the information that everything is agreed, but if it were to be so, we take it very positively, any player who comes will be to contribute and will motivate us, since he comes to fight a position». Regarding the reunion of the Albo team with Julio Barroso, who defends the ‘rouletteers’, the native of San Javier de Loncomilla said that «now I face it as it should be, it’s my turn as a rival and the rest, we take it in good shape, since we’re going to go fight equally, we’re going to play with our minds set to win.» On a personal level, Rojas noted that «the technical staff and my teammates have helped me a lot when playing on the court (…) » The ‘teacher’ asks me to play my game, to do things right and to be smart. Every day I learn more about the (side) position.» I felt really good about being on the court. I want to keep fighting to be always there. In the position that touches me playing I’m going to want to improve,» he added. Finally, in the face of the expulsion of Matthias Zaldivia – who received three dates of punishment – the side stated that «the truth is that we are left with what the players tell us, we are left with that they recognize the mistake and already leave it behind, think about what is coming, in improvement, and that it will not happen again as they say, that is what we hope.»

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