Four people arrested for falsifying jobs in Jalisco

Guadalajara, Jalisco. – In two separate incidents, Jalisco authorities managed to arrest four people who deceived their victims by posing as workers in existing companies or that did not belong to the unit from which they wore uniforms and even the van with logos. The State Prosecutor’s Office (FE) in Jalisco first reported the arrest and criminal process faced by two men who posed as workers of the Intermunicipal Drinking Water and Sewerage System (SIAPA) of the Metropolitan Area of Guadalajara.In this case, it was reported that Sergio Z. and Juan José E. or Omar Alejandro F., were linked to the process, after last April 18, municipal police of Guadalajara, arrested them at the request of a woman who turned out to be the legal representative of SIAPA. Read more: Dinosaurs ‘invade’ the Historic Center of Guadalajara; it’s 18 different! It was in the middle of the discussion on public roads in the Santa Teresa neighborhood of the capital of Tapatia when the police were requested by the complainant, since the people wore uniforms of the intermunicipal body and even a van with logos of the dependency. At the beginning of the questions, one of the men showed an alleged identification of the SIAPA and even showed the van that they pointed out as official, however, when the information was corroborated, it turned out to be false so they now face criminal proceedings for usurpation of public functions or profession and improper use of uniforms or badges and falsification of seals, marks, keys and dies. In the other case, a man and a woman were arrested by personnel of the General Directorate of Patrimonial and Financial Crimes because they posed as workers of a financial company that was non-existent and deceived their victims by asking for bank deposits in exchange for false credits. The accused were Mario Alberto C or Alberto R. or Alberto F., in addition to María Georgina L. or Karina M., being arrested in the Providencia neighborhood, one of the exclusive areas that the capital of Jalisco has.Both people boasted as advisors of the alleged financial Capital Country in which they offered non-existent credits, for which they requested guarantees from customers such as bank transfers, cash and even jewelry to give them a certain amount of credit which they never received. Read more: Sister-in-law of “El Mencho”, leader of the CJNG, is kidnapped in JaliscoDue to the fact that personnel of the directorate of patrimonial crimes had a complaint in which these people were pointed out, an operation was mounted through which they were captured when they tried to commit a fraud to a person. The State Prosecutor’s Office continues with the investigations around these people and in case of having been a victim of said couple, it is recommended to go to the facilities of the agency to file your complaint on 14th Street, in the Industrial Zone. Violence in Jalisco Cup football: players beat referee

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