translated from Spanish: Brick production has been down

Guamúchil, Sinaloa.-Unlike years ago, today the production of bricks goes much downward in the villages Carricitos, Toro spotted and Caitime, and all because of how expensive are the things that are needed for their production and how complicated it is H To tornado marketing. As the new generations do not see that this is a profitable activity, much less that leaves attractive profits, have preferred to devote to something else, for that reason in these communities mentioned very few citizens are those who have followed with the tradition.

Cruz López, who is still a brick manufacturer in the Spotted Toro community, claims that the sale is on the ground, because in the whole week they are not able to sell a thousand bricks.

Cruz López prepares the land with which he will do a lot of bricks/photography: Matías Rodríguez the DEBATE

By the way, the thousand costs 3000 pesos, but shoppers haggle a lot at the price and ultimately they take it cheaper, as the seller takes money to eat and in some way or another bring forward his family.      «As things are, so we drop sell the bricks, ie if people occupy one, two, three, 100 or a thousand bricks, so they go, only that each costs 3 pesos, but if we do accounts, the truth is nothing profit , since in a thousand bricks sold all we have left are the chingas to make them, because everything is very expensive and does not come out. To win something we have to sell minimum 7000, which are those who grab a brick, «says Cruz Lopez.

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