translated from Spanish: The harsh criticism of Pamela Anderson to Olympique de Marseille

The annual charity dinner organized by the Foundation of the Olympique of Marseille received less expected critically. Pamela Anderson, partner of the soccer player of the French club, Adil Rami, participated in the event but did not hesitate to show his anger when it learned that collected donations would not be aimed at young people needy of the city, but for the reconstruction of the Cathedral of Notre Dame, recently burned to the ground.

Last night we attended @OM_Officiel annual Gala to help raise money for youth suffering in Marseille –
full of good intentions.
While raising a meaningful amount of € for a great cause.
‘big surprise auction item’ came
to raise money for
rebuilding Notre Dame? -Pamela Anderson (@pamfoundation)
April 24, 2019

«Last night we attended the annual gala of the OM (Olympique de Marseille) to raise funds for youth in need of Marseille, full of good intentions. When we were getting a significant amount for a good cause… big surprise of the auction! «A fundraiser for Notre Dame», wrote the Canadian actress in your Twitter.Y account topped: «surely the children suffering in Marseille could have used the 100,000 euros more than the Church, which has already received more than 1 billion in donations by» billionaires». Finally, Canada requested that money donate to the community of Marseilles, since «it would make them life better».

Surely the children suffering in Marseille
could have used the €100,000
more than the church
that have already received
over a billion in donations
by billionaires. -Pamela Anderson (@pamfoundation)
April 24, 2019

I hope they will commented
and give to where it is needed.
to the community
here in Marseille where it was intended.
would go
much further
in making lives better – Pamela Anderson (@pamfoundation)
April 24, 2019

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