translated from Spanish: The least expected crossover: Game of Thrones vs. Sesame Street

Game of Thrones will be one of the most popular series in the world, but Sesame Street meets 50 seasons outdoor (almost 5000 episodes). Not only is one of the all-time most watched kids shows and known for generations, but that also became one of the longer history. So, to celebrate the anniversary are underway events around the world with the Muppets and several special for television. Among them, occurred to them nothing more and nothing less than to do a crossover with two of the series more adult chain HBO, surprising by the contrasting tone of his characters, which we never thought seen together on screen.

Foam is coming

As part of the celebration, Sesame Street launched the campaign «Respect brings us together» (respect unites us) and partnered with HBO to produce two clips of Game of Thrones and Westworld. In both, the Muppets intercede so everyone get along, comparing the situations the characters of these complicated worlds living with the inhabitants of Plaza Sesamo.en clip of Game of Thrones (titled «respect is coming») Tyrion and Cersei Lannister they discuss the future of Westeros and the complicated relationship between the two, until it appears Elmo dressed in a suit of armor. The muppet sits at the table with them, before the astonished gaze of both, and gives them a valuable lesson about learning to listen. Everything ends with a toast to the best style Lannister.

Sesame Street had already had its own parody of the series in the program, when he made «Chairs game» makes five seasons, with the Muppet versions of the characters of a Game of Thrones. The official Twitter of the program account also posted an image of the monster of cookies as a member of the guard of the night and a legend that played with the famous motto of the series at the beginning of this season.

50 season of Sesame Street premieres on HBO in the spring of this year and in November there will be a special primetime with guests and new versions of the classic segments of the program, celebrating the cultural impact that has had over half a century. In this note:

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