translated from Spanish: The loving message between Camila Recabarren and Joaquín Méndez after she revealed her relationship with a woman

Yesterday through social networking, the former miss Chile, Camila Recabarren, revealed that he has a relationship with a woman.
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The model, who shared a picture next to your partner, instagram received a number of comments, where welcomed it their relationship status and wished him success in his relationship.
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One of which referred to the issue, was his former partner, the panelist Argentine of pleasure, Joaquín Méndez, who said that «today still the men she likes. I’ve talked about it with her. Also men attract to it, attract you women. I I found out recently. I didn’t know. I didn’t know that it had attraction for women».
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Yesterday, however, via Instagram, Mendez personalized speech, and appealed directly to Recabarren, who said that «many people won’t understand… There will be many questions ‘ but how? Why?’ «But you know just because the important thing is that you’re happy with the person you choose you want bold, I want you to be happy, besame and forget».
In the same message, the former miss Chile responded to Mendez and said «you’re cutest Joaco. I love you too and you’ll always, always have a partner in Chile will be en las buenas y en las malas accompanying you.»

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