translated from Spanish: Vidal will make announcements on rates, credits grape and shopping in supermarkets

The Buenos Aires Governor, María Eugenia Vidal, announced this Wednesday in La Plata several measures to improve the economic situation of families and businesses in the province. As it transpired, one of the initiatives is the relaunch of the benefit of 50% reimbursement for purchases in supermarkets of the attached chains, by paying with Mastercard credit of the Bank Provincia.Descuentos and Visa debit, Visa credit cards for customers in the province
The measure began to rule today with a cap of $2,000 reimbursement (was $1,500), and starting in may, the benefit shall be effective on third and fourth Wednesday of each month until November. Between the attached chains joined Coto, day, Carrefour, Jumbo, Disco and see of the province and the city of Buenos Aires, and by promoting products include fruits and vegetables, cuts of beef (top of roast, palette and roast beef) all cuts of pork, drinks without alcohol, cleaning products and those included in prices care.

Get discounts on purchases for customers of the province

Mortgage loans
Other measures help the 17,500 families who took a mortgage grape through the Banco Provincia, amounting to a total of $22,000 million. The rule establishes an evaluation mechanism so that the share of mortgage loans up to December 31, does not exceed 30% of the salary; the suspension of foreclosures by one year and punitive interest forgiveness.
Rates of light
Vidal also have a distribution network rate freeze for 2019, in line with the national Government, which announced a similar measure for electricity generation, which will ensure that the Buenos Aires will not receive invoices with increases for the rest of the year. Credits for SMEs
To support the textile industry and footwear, two sectors of large generation of labor and among the most affected by the collapse of production, the Banco Provincia will launch new lines of financing, which includes a line of discount checks to 25% up to 120 days and a working capital to 29% with fixed Peso rate up to 12 months. They will also implement a moratorium for labour debts do not judicializadas with the Ministry of labour to 2019 will relieve more than 30,000 SMEs, for which condone the 100% of the interest on the debts and shall be paid on a payment plan ranging from six months to 60. Products on the shelves
In addition to these measures, will include the presentation of a draft law for the promotion of competition, which help SMEs put more products in supermarket chains, generate increased competition and better prices for the people. This project reaches to wholesalers, large supermarkets and retail chains, which must have on their shelves with products of no less than four different suppliers per item. Products from one brand, supplier or economic group must not exceed 30% of the space of each nacelle, and 10% for products of SMEs, must be added the sources. In this note:

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