translated from Spanish: ComPADRE of AMLO wins tender for textbooks

The company Bio Pappel Scribe of the businessman Miguel Rincon Arredondo, compadre of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, won a tender for a maximum amount of 221 thousand 676 million dollars, to provide paper to be used for the preparation of textbooks free of the Secretariat of public education (SEP).
To consult the ruling, he was established that Bio Pappel Scribe had complied with the requirements, and was among the five companies that won a contract, the highest amount in this tender, after performing technical and legal assessments.
Heading assigned, sets that you provide “offset paper for interior of grs 68 m2 at 85 cm coil”, with a unit price of 19 thousand 500 pesos, and up to 9 thousand 800 tons.
The minimum amount that is assigned to you is 88 million 670 thousand 400 pesos, and the maximum amount that you can receive to deliver the paper is 221 million 67 thousand pesos.
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According to a report published Thursday by the newspaper Reforma, corner company won, between 2010 and 2018, 463 contracts Conaliteg; 14 of them – which totaled thousand 980 million pesos, were direct awards.
To be questioned about whether the participation of his friend did not represent a conflict of interest, the President said that, as if it is not legally prevented to participate, it can do it.
“I do not protect anyone or accept influyentismo of anyone, friends or my family. I said it the day I took possession. I only can understand of Jesús Ernesto because he is a minor, but not I am responsible of the attitude or performance of my children or my spouse of anyone in my family absolutely; and of course friends, Compadres or anyone. Not protecting anyone”, he said.
This year the National Commission on free textbooks (Conaliteg) was not responsible for choosing the company that printed 19 titles to be partitioned among millions of students in the 2019-2020 school year, that task was assigned to the greater Oficialia of finance via the subsequent offer of discount (OSD) system.
However, only in March the competition was launched to choose the supplier, when it is was always in September.

With Nayeli Roldán information
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