translated from Spanish: Landowners at big box demand attention from City Hall before invasion of paratroopers

Morelia, Michoacan.-dozens of citizens gathered in the city of Morelia, closing the Allende Street in demand to be served by municipal authorities and evicted immediately to paratrooper who have invaded his land on the grounds Box large, located to the North of the city.
During the demonstration, the legitimate owners directly accused Ernesto Durán, leader of the paratroopers to use in their favor the needs of people, promising them land for political and economic purposes, despite the fact that they already have owners. More serious, the Morelia affected mentioned that the paratrooper leader has threatened them with “send assassins”, if they continue trying to recover their earthly properties.
Ahead of that claim to as affected group take the Legislative Palace of Michoacán and possibly the General Prosecutor’s Office of Justice, in case that situation worse.
Monitor Expresso took an approach with a couple of proprietary ladies that expressed their annoyance by the fact and the opacity of the municipality of Morelia to act.
Rosa Santiago Reyes, who for three years was paying the right to acquire land in big box with a value of 80 thousand pesos in fertilizers said that without notice people with machetes in hand entered the premises and is owned your property-based deceptions of the lide paratrooper r.
The invaders arrived in the grounds from March 10. Weeks later, some legitimate owners tried to recover their land but were attacked and expelled between beatings, insults and threats.
“I wanted to do me a simple House for what I’m going to live, but not that I can because they already invaded my land”.
On the other hand the Lady Esperanza Huape reiterated the call to the authorities of the municipality to be heard, for fear the attack already not tried to return to big box.
She bought his land with a value of 70 thousand dollars within a period of four years.
Affected women said was uncomfortable and disappointed the Government of Raúl Moron Orozco, as 600 land that occupies the land, 400 were already invaded.
“They said that Morena would do justice, who was with you pobrea them, that would support and where they are.” “It fell the worst Mayor we have had, is a disappointment to us citizens who voted for them”, said Rosa Santiago.
It is noteworthy that the Secretary of the Town Hall, Humberto Arróniz Kings convened a meeting with a Commission representative in the municipal Palace, to be interrupted on several occasions by the affected Morelia and after engaging in a discussion with one of them.

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