translated from Spanish: The event that was not cancelled: Baradit was received with open arms in Cerro Navia

After the controversy over the decision of the Telethon cancel an event with the Chilean writer Jorge Baradit, debi do to the “funa” who suffered through social networks, the author of “The secret history of Chile” met with residents at the House of the culture Violeta Parra of Cerro Navia in the framework of the world day of the book.
He municipality of the commune organized an activity low a premise different, since Baradit was invited to meet to them neighboring of the sector to talk on them problematic that them plague, but also for influence to the reading. The Mayor of Cerro Navia, Mauro Tamayo said and thanked the writer to address these social problems. “For us it is pride, because many times left on bad things, so grateful that a writer of the stature of George wanted to be with us”, said the Mayor.
Baradit assessed to be present in an instance where the community gathers to assess the management of the authorities, but also alluded to the controversy that did this week in the eye of the hurricane.
“In a healthy society the power coming from below upwards, otherwise”, said the writer, who also remarked that “will make the mistake of thinking that democracy is it that doesn’t work and should choose authoritarian types, despots, and that only will make is h” “undir more power citizen”.
The cancellation of the event in the Telethon faced Baradit with the former presidential candidate José Antonio Kast, who carried the baton of criticisms. Far-right leader held that the activity has been left without effect with “pseudo writer Baradit” because “we can not normalize characters so challenged and who are burdened with a history of misogyny and sexism so high”. In turn, Baradit was supported by people from the world of culture and the opposition, and accused the level of aggression in social networks of people who “act in packs”.
Regarding this new commemoration of the international day of the book, the writer – who in December was named cultural Ambassador of Cerro Navia – stressed that the books “are not that unpleasant thing that made us read at school, books can be many things, even what one wants”.

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