translated from Spanish: The message that Alberto Plaza dedicated to the Jadue Mayor at the opening of the popular record store

Today the Mayor of Recoleta, Daniel Jadue, inaugurated its new popular idea, the “Recomusica”, the record store that will be added to its catalogue, including pharmacies, bookshops and a University.
Place residents of the commune will find a wide range of music and film in various formats as DVD, CD, vinyl at a “fair price” records, with various discounts available to pocket. The news was received positively by the community, including artists because they have offered to pass their discs to make them for sale. Even if one believes that it will not with his music: Alberto Plaza.
The singer has had several clashes with the Mayor. The last was when it published a fake news where came out a phrase that had supposedly said Jadue Plaza.
Because of this, Plaza Tweet that “something tells me that I’m not going to be in that record store”.
The Recoleta Mayor did not respond, but if some netizens did. As you might expect, users quickly reacted to the words of the singer/songwriter giving phrases such as “are you in any record store?” and “two songs fail to be a disc”.
There is already a history of collaboration. When Jadue opened the popular library, Plaza said that where sent his book, to be available to the community. Jadue only replied: “send to your distributor to our library please”.

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