translated from Spanish: Tower Reformation, the ‘most innovative world skyscraper’ in 2018

a modern skyscraper earthquake built around a House from the 1930’s.
An architectural combination which led to reform Tower, a building of 246 meters of height in the Centre of the city of Mexico, to win this Thursday skyscrapers 2018 international prize.
He was elected unanimously by an international jury as the most innovative of the world ‘skyscraper’.
The Mexican architect Benjamín Romano, the designer of the building, received the award given jointly by the Government of the German city of Frankfurt, the German architecture Museum and the DekaBank Bank.
The award is delivered since 2003 after a global process of selection of more than 100 floors around skyscrapers.
Moritz BernoullyLa base of the building surrounds an old House of the Decade of 1930, the architects decided to preserve. Moritz BernoullyEl building was completed in 2016.El building, completed in 2016, is located on the promenade of the reform of city of Mexico, an emblematic Avenue in the center of the Mexican capital where most of the skyscrapers of the city is located.
It has 57 levels and it is predominantly occupied by corporate offices, but it also houses a shopping area and a panoramic Auditorium.
“The predominant problem of earthquakes in the city of Mexico requires a concept of intelligent support structure, which occurs in the Tower of 246 meters of high charge of striking appearance,” the judges noted.
Last year it was put to the test with the earthquake of magnitude 7.1 that caused the collapse of dozens of buildings in the city of Mexico.
Moritz BernoullyCon its 246 meters of height, the skyscraper is the highest in Mexico City today. The judges also highlighted the design of the external walls of concrete of the building, which are “an open book”.
“With the massive walls, Benjamín Romano takes the Aztec traditions of construction and interprets them in a modern way,” said the review.
Alfonso MerchandLos concrete blocks have open spaces which offer a unique view of the ride of the Reforma.Actualmente Tower reform is the tallest skyscraper in the city, but promises to be overtaken by the Torre Mitikah Tower of 267 meters, which is in process of construction.
Structural challenge Benjamín Romero said after receiving the award that this project was a joint challenge to architects, engineers and developers for financial, environmental and structural complexity.
“I think that the best architecture is which is the response to these challenges. Which emanates from the needs, the context and reality, and not just someone’s imagination or the aesthetic taste,”he said.
Santiago ArauTorre reform has an auditorium that offers a panoramic view from the heights. INA Hartwig, Deputy Mayor of the city of Frankfurt, said that tower reform stands out for its “extraordinarily clear, almost sculptural architecture and its triangular footprint”.
“His sensitive and intuitive design is an impressive response to challenges topographical premises.” The new building not only embodies the progress of development of Mexico, but also carefully integrates a historic building”, he said.
“A visual delight”, said.

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