translated from Spanish: President Piñera after Mass for carabinero killed in La Araucanía: “Cowardly murderers will be found, tried and convicted”

President Sebastián Piñera supported Carabineros’ work and lamented the death of Corporal Eugenio Nain Caniumil. In addition, he assured that the “cowardly crime” will not go unpunished and will find those responsible “to be tried and convicted.”
“Carabineros de Chile is a fundamental institution of the Republic, it is the first line in the defense of our freedoms, security and our peace, in the defense of public order and citizen security, in the defense of the rule of law and democracy,” the Representative said after attending a mass in honor of the carabinieri despondent in La Araucanía on Friday.
It is worth mentioning that, during this day, the funerals of the second cape of Carabineros Eugenio Naín are held, who died this Friday after being shot in the town of Metrenco, Padre Las Casas, Region of La Araucanía.
“In these times when so many are committed to attacking, weakening or destroying Carabineros, I as President of Chile, want to express my deepest appreciation and gratitude for Carabineros’ work,” the Representative added.
“There are many of us who do our duty, but very few swear that they are willing to give their own lives to protect our lives and that is something that I appreciate and recognize and I am sure the vast majority of Chileans of goodwill do,” he said.

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