translated from Spanish: “A flag of protection to the neo-liberal system of Piñera”: common criticism of health reform

Continue adding criticisms from opposition to reform the system of health proposed by the Government last Monday. Now it was the turn of Commons party, belonging to the broad front, which was emphatic in pointing out that the Executive initiative “strengthens private insurance companies (isapres), putting the National Health Fund on the logic of the market”, it said the President of the collectivity, Javiera Bull.
In a working paper, the store maintains that the proposal “does not constitute a comprehensive health system reform, but represents a reform to health insurance” and no breaks “the pillars of the dictatorial reform, characterized by the creation of a market of” the health”. The party head ensures that Piñera reform seeks to “legitimize the isapres business”, and it only addresses a “minority segment served in isapres”. “This reform strengthens the private system instead of putting public health as a priority,” they said.
For common, Piñera Government demonstrates “an expressive disinterest” in relation to public health, taking into consideration that the proposal includes Fonasa strengthening through benefits in the private sector, instead of inciting the payment to the institutional providers.
For the Member of the nascent party, Claudia Mix, in the case of Fonasa, the currency reform contains “a commercial format” that will involve a “subsidy to the demand, where increasing transfers to the private sector and is despotencia the public system”, situation described by the Parliament as a “flag of Piñera neoliberal system protection”.
So, the Secretary general of the party, Jorge Ramírez, the initiative does not solve the dictatorial reform that cemented the segregated and unequal system that exists today”and said that the Government”continues to strengthen the idea that health is also a consumer good”. “President Piñera and the Minister Santelices forgot that health is a right,” he said.

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