translated from Spanish: At least 20 students removed the life by failing tests

India-according to reports, at least 20 students in the India have committed suicide by tests of suspense that are being investigated by a “technical fault” that caused erroneous results. About 1 million students took the key tests, and nearly 350,000 failed, sparking a detailed investigation of the “errors” with the results, according to the Khaleej Times.
There were technical flaws in the software. Unfortunately, due to these errors, the students who failed are taking their lives. It seems that the entire process was full of errors, said N. Narayana, President of an Association of parents.

The Prime Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao ordered to retell and return to check sheets of answers for all students who did not pass the tests.


He also pleaded with students that they not resort to suicide, saying that do not pass an exam was not a reason to end their lives.

A student who attended Narayana College, identified as G. Nagendra, hanged himself after failing in math, his favorite subject. “He retired and refused to eat. But we never thought it would take his life “, said his father, G. Vivekananda, the Indian Express.

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