translated from Spanish: MACRI on the trial of Cristina: «We want things clear, not rare»

President Mauricio MACRI today encouraged the demonstrations of various social sectors such as this Wednesday, when there was, he said, a «collective reaction» against the Supreme Court’s resolution to revise the cause of addressing the public work by which The former President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner will be prosecuted. Macri, who had already called for «no impunity,» said that «what we want in Argentina is like sport: compete with clear rules without cheating.»
«It’s what this society needs. This collective reaction to what happened yesterday with the judicial issue. There’s an Argentina that changed. We want things clear, not weird. » 

By exposing in the encounter Endeavor experience, which took place at the Exhibition and convention Center of the City of Buenos Aires, the president made mention of the Cacerolazos in several neighborhoods of the porteños against the decision of the court that could have delayed the Beginning of the trial to the former president. However, the highest court clarified earlier that the oral debate is not suspended and will begin on Tuesday, 21 at 12, as planned.
The head of state added that «we are living in a time when perhaps the economic downturn is punishing us for others, but we are living a bestial transformation. It was unthinkable a few years ago. I think we have to believe in what we are doing and bet that with the truth on the table this will work, «he emphasized. To the entrepreneurs «who today doubt, that they hurt the budgetary restriction», MACRI asked them to leave the attitude of «caution» and warned that «the best way» that the country «does not go back is to continue doing.» In this note:

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