translated from Spanish: Young man who won the lottery a year without sex and looking for boyfriend

Scotland-Jane Park won the lottery when he was 17 and became one of the young millionaires of the United Unido.Pero not all going great, since the exuberant young, 23 years, revealed to be desperate, since it has been a year without sex and now offers CE money so that anyone who wants to go out with her. Jane took a prize of over one million euros in 2013 and from that day who won the lottery became super popular.
Become rich destroyed her life
Leads a life of luxury, travel, even a facelift was made but now admits to being bored of his life. The millionaire, who lives in Scotland, launched a website to find a partner.

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Offers 67 thousand euros (one million pesos) per year who accepts to be her boyfriend, however, still unmarried despite that received more than 1,000 applications in St. Valentin.en’s day photos shared on Instagram constantly writes how boring that is his life and doesn’t know that do with it, being a millionaire doesn’t work and only cares that spend their money.

«365 day without sex: left to run to see how it sounded in chaclán», wrote the millionaire in their networks.

According to British media has come out with different important men like the second Jordan Piggot and singer Sam Callahan, but the relationships don’t last.

How many men did not want a beautiful woman millionaire as bride and she still struggles to find love.

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