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Mexico.-the day may 1st marks a historic date that evokes the global labour movement, the labour day, which aimed at a fight for better working conditions and a decent schedule.
So really the labour day is not a celebration, but a way of remembering those who fought for rights that every human being should enjoy in their work environment.
This fight goes back to 1886, when a group of American workers claimed a working day of eight hours a day in Chicago; Maybe before were working 12 to 16 hours without any rest, which was really strenuous.
The main theme was follows: «eight hours for work, eight hours for sleep, and eight hours for the House», which to date must meet to enjoy some ‘quality of life’.
Currently the labour day is commemorated in almost all over the world, since it was officially established in 1889, this as a result of the worker socialist of the second International Congress, an organization formed by Socialist parties and labour.
However, in United States, Canada and some other countries do not celebrate the labor day each may 1, but the first Monday of the month of September.
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