translated from Spanish: Labor Day: perfect opportunity to enjoy a good craft beer pairing

If you are one of them that they works Monday through Friday at least or Cho hours, then on 1 may will be like an oasis in the desert. And that is the labour day, besides being a commemorative date, a day dedicated to rest and to reward us for all this effort.
To make this most special day and get the maximum out of this unique selection 100% handmade, from NexoBeer delivered the golden rules for a good pairing in house, which according to preferences, can be by affinity or contrast of flavours and aromas.
According to José Ignacio Podlech, founder of NexoBeer, pairing is not difficult and «cannot generate a panorama around the beer». If you do so by contrast, flavours that generate different sensations in the mouth, to highlight characteristics of beer can be combined. The most common pairings are combinations of acid with salty or sour flavors with sweet.
The other option is by affinity, which is a form of highlighting characteristics of beer. In that line you can pairing sweet with sweet. «For example, the black craft beer that tends to be more sweet in the mouth, is ideal to test with chocolate because these flavors stand out more,» says Podlech. Adds that, «everything depends on the taste of each person and are so willing to try», to discover and to better identify the flavors, aromas, characteristics and intensity of each variety.
But if you are one of those who does not dare to experience both, NexoBeer specialists deliver practical guidance and that never fails. Watch out! Don’t forget that beer temperature also influences the taste. Varieties such as Pale Ale, Indian Pale Ale, amber, or Red Ale, should take between 10 and 13 degrees; While Brown Ale and Porter between 9 and 12 degrees.
-Pale Ale: It is recommended to pair with meat or cheese such as Cheddar, Derby pie. Ideal to eat with burgers.
-Indian Pale Ale: looks good with strong and spicy foods such as curry. Excellent combination with soft blue cheese.
-Amber/Red Ale: it is a good alternative for spicy foods. It is recommended to consume chicken, seafood or bitter but mild cheese (by-Salut).
-Brown Ale, Altbier: perfect company for the roast pork, sausages or grilled salmon. In the case of cheese, preferring the aged Gauda or brittle Cheschire.
-Porter: It is recommended to consume meat grilled fish smoked. If you like cheese, opt for beef as Tilsit or Gruyère cheese.

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