translated from Spanish: Opening of the session: opposition and ruling party of Mendoza made campaign

The first day of the month of May is very important in the province. During this day, the provincial leader of the day gives a speech and gives opening to the regular sessions of the House of the Leyes.En this opportunity, Alfredo Cornejo made a long balance on its management. He said that in recent years improved the situation of education, the health and safety of Mendoza. All the opposition was present at the venue. Mendoza will hold elections step on June 9 and for this reason, all the candidates of the various fronts took advantage to make statements. Anabel Fernández Sagasti, frontrunner Governor by the «front chose», referred to the book by Cristina Fernández and said «he read it and found it very interesting». However, he said that there can be if the former President will again be candidate. 
«Honestly I’d like to know if it will be a candidate, but we do not know. You have time until June 22.» Anabel Fernandez Sagasti 

The opponent of Anabel in the step was also present. Alejandro Bermejo, Orthodox and also a member of the «front chose» PJ, said that even they do not define what will be the candidate for President who will support. 
«So far only expressed Massa. Anyway we are interested in a President that respects provincial interests and to leave financial bicycle». Alejandro Bermejo 

In the Governor’s Mendoza savings and surplus are source of pride, only to him; because every day in every corner of the province, we see poverty, unemployment and that it hurts. The order but with the boys must not generate applause #DemosVueltaLaPágina – out Alejandro Bermejo (@AleBermejoMaipu)
May 1, 2019

Omar de Marchi, candidate Governor by «Changes Mendoza», was confident in that you will get a good result in the elections. He said that «it is listening to citizenship, because it has the most practical solutions to the problems which arise». In addition he said that «he has a good relationship with radicalism and his rival in the step,» Rodolfo Suárez. 
Rodolfo Suárez, candidate for Governor by «Changes Mendoza», also noted his good relationship with Omar de Marchi. He said that if he wins the Governor’s office his obsession will be «the generation of employment for Mendoza». It also buoyed the idea of the creation of a Provincial Bank, enabling «manage the money from citizens and make loans more accessible».
For his part, Noelia Barbeito, frontrunner Governor by the front left and the workers, he said that «its formula with Soledad Sosa tries to express the strength of the working woman». It also criticised the national Government for the debt with the International Monetary Fund and on what he described as «a policy of impoverishment» for the people. 
Finally, the provincial legislator Mario Vadillo said that in his speech the Governor «did not speak of debt that will leave to the new President». He said that «José Luis Ramón is the only candidate who can give Mendoza an improvement of all its indicators». In this note:
Opening of session
Alfredo Cornejo

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