translated from Spanish: Cristina Fernández Pinera describes: “Is right, but very friendly”

The former President of Argentina, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner He released his autobiography, entitled “Sincerely”. In the book, it makes some descriptions and his impressions of other Latin American Presidents who she met during her tenure. Among them, Sebastián Piñera.
In the text, the former State devoted a paragraph to the national ruler, who is close to one of his biggest political rivals, the current Chilean President Mauricio Macri. In a statement picked up by the newspaper La Segunda, Fernandez said that Piñera “loves to discuss everything”.
Fernandez delves on this description: “was capable of hours discussing issues (does not say which) which to me seemed quite minor, but he always did it with great respect and, above all, with a great sense of humor”.
Because of this, he said his description stating that “Sebastián Piñera right, but very nice… After all, nobody is perfect.”
It also has words for the former President Michelle Bachelet, although it is less than what has been written about Sebastián Piñera. He only mentioned an episode lived in Cuba with the former leader Raúl Castro.
His book has become successful sales in Argentina, generating millions of dollars profit, what motivated the judge Claudio Bonadio to ask its embargo to pay for charges of corruption that weigh against.

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