translated from Spanish: Andrés Chadwick said investigation against Emiliano Arias

The Minister of the Interior, Andrés Chadwick, delivered his statement in the middle of the criminal investigation against Prosecutor Emiliano Arias before the Marauder regional de Magallanes, Eugenio Campos.Según reported the third PM, the statement of the head of carte RA was delivered during this Thursday. While also did the lawyer Luis Hermosilla, and Prosecutor Sergio Moya during Monday and Mars. For the background, the process began then that Moya will ensure that his superior had engaged in crimes of influence peddling in the case of Caval; In addition to obstruction to the investigation in the case against Judge Emiliano Elgueta and obstruction of the investigation into the cause of the Municipal Theatre of the city; In addition to violation of secrecy. In addition, as Chadwick, Moya included WhatsApp conversations between the Minister and the Mayor of Rancagua, Eduardo Soto. In addition to other community leader and lawyer Hermosilla.Incluso, Chadwick acknowledged his assistance against the tax fields: «I stated in yesterday in the morning, as a witness, at offices of the public prosecutor, giving up my prerogatives of fueros due to the Prosecutor Eugenio Campos», commented to the same medium.

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