translated from Spanish: Castillo adds a defense: Senator UDI qualifies as «groundless» new complaint against Assistant Secretary of Networks

It’s a complex moment for Luis Castillo. The complaint of the former head of the Atacama Health Service, Dr. Emilio Ríos, in which he revealed a series of messages from WhatsApp in which the assistant secretary of networks orders to dismiss officials for political reasons, puts again the questioned Authority in the public eye.
But it’s not the only controversy he’s involved in. The Director of the Health service of Ñuble, Francisco López, said Castillo made him «repeated requests» to privilege an official with the aim of promoting him as director of the Hospital de Chillán. Castillo, seeing that he had resisted Lopez to ignore his request, took a complaint against him to suspend him and the human resources manager, who were to elect the person for office. Faced with the various criticisms that have come to Castillo, a defense looms, that of Senator Victor Perez. The Parliamentarian UDI indicated that what Lopez does «is unpresentable, and with a clear political intentionality.»
«Launching an unsubstantiated accusation against the undersecretary of health, Luis Castillo, is contradictory, in circumstances that the suspended director of the Ñuble Health service Francisco Lopez, is being summarised by serious accusations that made Against two former servants of that service, «he added.
The legislator commented that «his goal is to divert attention from accusations of harassment and corruption by trying to enlodar a undersecretary who has done a great job and is working precisely to improve hospital management and the quality of Health care, which the suspended headmaster did not do in his management. »
Finally, the parliamentarian added that «no credibility can be given to the imputation of a person who is questioned by severe faults of probity that came on par with a deplorable management in the health service of Ñuble.»

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