translated from Spanish: Goes: new withdrawal complicates Undersecretary Castle and opposition insists has no “ethical standard” for the office

It is a complex time for Luis Castillo. The denunciation of the former head of the health service of Atacama, Dr. Emilio Ríos, which revealed a series of WhatsApp messages in which Deputy Minister of welfare networks ordered to dismiss officials for political reasons, puts back to the question authority in the public eye.
The Ministry of Health said in a statement that the complaint has a purely communications effort, and the castle itself admitted the messages, noting that “occur in a private suggestions conversation when arriving to the direction of the health service of Atacama where at that time there were executives who had several preliminary items in course and that suggested to do a reorganization”. However, the accusation adds a new one coming from the Region of Ñuble, where the director of the health service in this area, Francisco López, said that Castillo did “repeated requests” to give priority to an official with the aim of promoting it as director of the Hospital in Chillan.
Speaking to the daily Chronicle Chillán, Lopez said Castle, seeing that there was resistance, took a complaint against to suspend it and responsible for human resources, who were to choose the person for the post.
“Deputy Minister of welfare networks is not empowered to instruct summaries directors of service, and less still to withdraw them. At the time I noticed it, but indicated that it was not first time he did it,”said the director of the health service of Ñuble, who already contains three weeks suspended from his post.
Lopez was suspended in early April after being denounced by corruption and harassment at work by health service officials exposed by members of the Democratic Federation of University health professionals (Fedeprus).
However, López reported that his suspension was irregular and is directly related to the will of the Undersecretary Castle. He even accused Castillo decided to leave how Deputy health service to its candidate to lead the hospital.
Ask your output
Since the opposition considered that the complaint against Luis Castillo is “very serious” and have been doomed to ask for their departure. The President of the regionalist green Social Federation, Jaime Mulet, pointed out that “the problem is very serious, what became apparent is that the Assistant Secretary Castle has absolutely reprehensible practices from the point of view of political, ethical and labor. A hierarchical superior cannot give orders of this nature, violates a number of principles, such as the due process, that of impartiality, etc. “Their attitude is fascistoid, own dictatorial regimes, certainly has experience in that”.
“All this is very serious, Castle must give up his position or the waiver by the President of the Republic should be asked. Let us remember that he also has a rebuke by the concealment of information in the case of the death of the former President Frei Montalva. I think that this does not give for more and should be done immediately”, he added.
DC Yasna Provoste Senator also reacted and, along the same lines, considered that the complaint stops the effort across the country have to do in terms of public health, “therefore, I want to join voices in Atacama and from the DC we believe that the subsecretar” IO does not have ethical and moral standard”.
Provoste said that in his role of DC this reaffirms a way of acting under Secretary Castle, i.e. “hid information being director of the Hospital Clínico of UC and today also its ethical standard does not account for what one hopes for a public official.”
A controversial management
Management of Luis Castillo in the Secretariat for welfare networks has been – at least – controversial, considering possible concealment of information in the case of the assassination of the former President Eduardo Frei Montalva, which he has denied its role in repeatedly.
While the Undersecretary appears mentioned in the extensive failed of the Minister in visit Alejandro Madrid, where is dictated sentences by the death of the former President Democrat, Eduardo Frei Montalva, according to the resolution your performance not configures a cover-up.

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