translated from Spanish: Peten Pocoví, sentenced to life imprisonment

This Friday night, Sebastián Peten Pocovi was sentenced to life imprisonment for stabbing his former pregnant partner and to run over and kill two policemen when he escaped from his home. In a historic day for the justice of Mendoza, Peten Pocoví was found guilty by Unanimidaddel jury of all charges for which he was charged: «Attempted femicide aggravated by the link» for the attack on his ex-partner, for two «attempt to Homicide Criminis causa «, in the case of the attempt to run over the troops who wanted to stop him and for two» homicides criminis cause «, for the deaths of the troops Jorge Cussi and Daniel Ríos. This morning, the allegations and the representative of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Fernando Guzzo, had applied for the sentence of perpetual imprisonment for the defendant as author of the crimes «attempted femicide and double homicide Criminis causa» and the complaint was added to the order. For his part, the defense had applied for inferior penalties under the covers of «intentional injuries and manslaughter». Finally, the jury-unanimously-found him guilty in the qualifications requested by Guzzo and the complaint.

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Peten Pocovi
Jury trial

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