translated from Spanish: «Don’t lie to the world, Michelle Bachelet»: Maduro’s harsh criticism of the UN high commissioner’s report on Venezuela

«Don’t lie to the world, Michelle Bachelet.» With this phrase, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro charged unhigh commissioner for human rights, Michelle Bachelet, after the report in which he denounced «serious violations of rights» by the Venezuelan government.
«That health, that the card of the homeland, the Clap, education, is established with discrimination, is only given to the chavistas. Lie, Michelle Bachelet. Don’t lie to the world, Michelle Bachelet,» Maduro said on a radio and television station.
The representative also spurlited what he believes is a lack of truth in the UN report. «You signed a document you didn’t even read, it’s a report by specialists linked to the State Department (Of the United States), enemies of the Bolivarian Revolution.»
«Some people who think of Venezuela elsewhere and have ruled their countries and have not been able to care for the humble and bring them free, scientific quality, human health to the most humble» The head of state added.
Maduro also criticized that «Michelle Bachelet herself ruled Chile and was unable to take her, being a doctor, free health to the humble, free. I should grab a stone and stick it in my teeth.»

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