translated from Spanish: Winter bonus will reach 1.2 million pensioners

This Friday the Minister of labour and Social Welfare, Nicolás Monckeberg, together with the Secretariat for the wallet, María José Zaldívar, and the national Deputy Director of the Social Security Institute (IPS), Juan José Cárcamo, announced the start of the page or of the Bono winter 2019, benefit that began to deliver since yesterday may 2. “Today we are launching the payment of the winter bonus, which is already a tradition in our country from 1990 to date. And it is very welcome for more than 1 million 200 thousand pensioners in our country, which for different reasons have to incur higher expenses. The good news is that the bonus, which this year reaches 62 thousand pesos, come directly together with the pension, and we know that our seniors are looking forward many”said Minister Mönckeberg. The bonus, which amounts to $62.791 this year and which is delivered to better tackle serious costs that arise in winter time, will this year to retirees aged 65 and more receiving pensions less than or equal to $161.680, provided that they comply with the requirements of lega them stipulated by law. At the national level, including the IPS and other welfare institutions, estimated that the winter bonus will reach 1 million 262 thousand pensioners. For the delivery of this benefit, the State estimated an expense higher than the 79 billion pesos. Only in the case of IPS, is expected to benefit more than 736 thousand older adults. The bond will also come more than 523 thousand pensioners of the AFP system, provided that they have the benefit of solidarity pension contribution of old age (APSV) associated with your pension or receiving pension with a Government guarantee. It should be noted that those who are entitled to the winter bonus are persons belonging to the Institute of Social Welfare; beneficiaries of basic solidarity pension; of the forecast direction of Carabineros de Chile (Dipreca); of national defence Social Welfare Fund (Capredena); the Institute of occupational safety and the law 16.744 of accident; of the AFP system, always and when they perceive the benefit of old age solidarity pension contribution or receive pension minimum State guarantee. To receive the bonus, the former people must meet these conditions: A) have 65 or more years of age, 1 ° of may of 2019 b) the amount of your pension must be less than or equal to$ 161.680

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