translated from Spanish: Citizens protest against the President

With messages like «so no, AMLO», «neither Fifi nor Chaira, AMLO do not separate us», «AMLO waiver» and «Yes Al NAIM», citizens attended this Sunday a call for an organization called «Waistcoats Mexico», to march in Mexico City and other parts of the country, with The claim that Andrés Manuel López Obrador has made a bad government.
In the capital the march began at 11:00 hours, in the angel of independence, bound for the monument to the revolution.
«The wise people were wrong with you», «AMLO if you got big the sack apologize and go», «consult without the requirements of law is corruption», are other messages observed in the protest, where most dressed in white.
Although in the summons people were asked to march in silence, the cries of «Mexico, Mexico» were heard at times.

«I voted for you and you betrayed us»: in the «March of Silence» shout slogans like «Out AMLO»; They are at the height of the Columbus roundabout.
?: @claualtamirano.
— (@Pajaropolitico) May 5, 2019

On social networks, in the @ accountNSChalecosMx, There are different calls, to replicate the march in different states, in cities such as Guadalajara, Cancun, Morelia and Ciudad Victoria, among others. 
«For the defense of progress, freedom, legality and the rule of law: not bad government. The people command and we are the people, «we read on the posters where they give information on the various manifestations.
With Claudia Altamirano’s information 
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