translated from Spanish: Arreaza warned the U.S. that Venezuela is able to defeat «any army as powerful as it may be»

Venezuela’s foreign minister, Jorge Arreaza, has said on Monday that Venezuelan forces, among which he has counted military and militiamen, are able to defeat «any army as powerful as it may be», anticipating an even Tual American invasion. » If Optasen by the military way, we have an armed force, a people, a national militia, that would be able not only to resist and to give the battle, but even to overcome and defeat any army however powerful it is, «said Arreaza at a press conference Cele Brada in Moscow, where she is an official visit. Arreaza has clarified that although «Venezuela poses no threat to the United States», «in the event of military intervention, the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) and the Venezuelan people are prepared to defend sovereignty.» In addition, the Venezuelan chancellor has accused Moscow of trying to «drown» economically in Caracas. «More than 5 billion euros, also gold, are blocked in international banking structures,» said the Pan American network TeleSur. Arreaza has denounced that with all of this the United States «seeks a change of power in the government Venezuelan «, while he has claimed to the administration of Donald Trump not interfere in the internal affairs of the Caribbean nation. The Venezuelan minister met on Sunday with his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, to «give details of the frustrated coup d’état of 30 April.» «And of the superhuman efforts we are making to have dialogue with those who assault us,» he said on Monday. ‘ OPERATION LIBERTAD’El self-proclaimed «president-in-Charge» of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, and a liberated Leopoldo López announced the past Tuesday the start of the ‘ Operation Freedom ‘ to overthrow the government of Nicholas Maduro, claiming that they had the support of «an important group» of military. At least four people have died, including minors, and more than 200 have been detained because of the repression of the opposition marches that have occurred since 30 April in Caracas and other Venezuelan cities, according to several local NGOS. Maduro has given the defeat of this «coup skirmish» and has threatened legal action against its protagonists. At the moment, the Supreme Court of Justice has already ordered the arrest of Lopez, who was released from house arrest by his own custodians, and the Parliament’s ‘ number two ‘, Édgar Zamorano. Guaidó and Maduro star since last January 23 a pulse for the throne of Miraflores. Since then, the United States has reiterated that «all options are on the table,» including a military intervention that, on the other hand, the countries of the region reject.

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