translated from Spanish: Comptroller orders report to Segpres for participation of Piñera’s children on tour to China

The Comptroller decided to accept the requirements presented By different members of the PC, PS and the Broad front, along with Senator Alejandro Navarro and other opposition party leaders, to conduct an investigation for eventual conflicts of interest, in the context of the participation of the children of Sebastián Piñera During his tour to China and South Korea.
Through a letter sent by the auditing body, the minister of Segpres, Gonzalo Blumel, is asked to prepare a report with the necessary antecedents. As reported by the newspaper La Tercera, the holder of the portfolio will have 10 working days to respond to this requirement.
“This report must be prepared with the intervention of the Legal counsel or lawyer of that entity and all the necessary antecedents must be sent to adequately resolve the presentations of what it is,” says the letter.
“This comes to mark an important precedent so that never again will you link family situations on trips and presidential tours. Moreover, when they are commercial activities that could have a personal edge due to the commercial heading of the president’s children, in addition to regularizing and transparent these protocols that until today are completely airtight and Unknown to citizens, “said one of the recurrent and vice-president of the PPD, Rodrigo Daroch.

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