translated from Spanish: Fake that “boy” towers come reinforcement to the newly ascended Atlético San Luis

Mexico.-During the last days the rumor took force that the Spanish footballer Fernando “Niño” Torres would reinforce the athletic San Luis, if the team was able to ascend to the MX League, but this is false, as the president of the team Potosino, Alberto Marrero, He said it’s just rumors and it’s something that’s not going to happen. What seemed to be a very possible bombshell, has been denied.
The possible signing of the “Niño” Torres was feasible to some extent since both Atletico Madrid and San Luis have a very narrow commercial and structural relationship, the Mexican team would be considered a “subsidiary” of Spanish, so nothing sounded Crazy this bombshell. The Spaniard is no longer in his ranks but the league team would have been an intermediary in that movement.
Alberto Marrero, president of the San Luis, commented for the daily that this was not possible for a single aspect: the salary of the Spanish attacker is extremely high and they who will just try to get the promotion can not afford that, so they regret that Just a rumor.
“They are rumours, to this day it is very complicated that Fernando arrives at the San Luis team. He is a great player in the history of world football, but it is difficult. They are salaries that the Atlético de San Luis cannot afford, “commented the president of St. Louis. Commented that almost the entire template is going to keep on the team, because although it seems that there will be some reinforcements, fully trusts the players who have taken them to this point, so that in the absence of knowing the names, there would be slight changes in athletic.
“To make the jump to the MX League, in the structuring of template yes you have to improve in all aspects, will come players of better level but the 80-90 percent on staff can compete and very well,” said President Potosino.
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