translated from Spanish: FGR will present new evidence of the Odebrecht case before the judge

The attorney General of the Republic Alejandro Gertz Manero announced that within a period of 60 days, the first results of the investigation will begin to be sent to federal judges for the possible corruption in which Mexican petroleum officials incurred in Contracts awarded to the Odebrecht Construction company, and added that those who are responsible could face charges for organized crime.
To specify the foregoing would be the first criminal actions exercised by the Attorney-General’s Office (FGR) in the so-called Odebrecht case, whose research began since January 2017 and that, unlike in other countries, Mexico has not yielded so far no fruit.
Lee: Pemex official linked to the Odebrecht case is in charge of the two Mouth refinery project
As part of his message to meet 100 days of management as the first attorney General of the country, Gertz announced that even though an attorney (Raúl Cervantes) said in 2017 that it was a virtually completed case, the truth is that the research has had to be redone in Good measure with information collected recently.
«Within a period of no more than 60 days, it will be necessary to start Judicializarlo under the premise of a criminal machination, in which the regulations on organized crime can be applied», said Gertz.
The foregoing means, as explained by the authorities of the Unit, that the former officials who are appointed to a judge and the individuals (possible officers of the Brazilian company) as probable responsible, could be charged for crimes Contemplated in the Federal law against organized crime, and others that result.
Lee also: Although Lozoya sought the closure of the file in the case of Odebrecht, court orders to publish it
The Prosecutor’s Office (formerly PGR) has kept under reserve the official list of exfunctionary and current officials of Pemex that are investigated in this case. However, thanks to demands of amparo promoted by him it is known that one of them is the director of the company Emilio Lozoya Austin.
Political Animal He also published that another official involved in the assignment of at least one of the contracts, Leonardo Cornejo, continues working in Petroleos Mexicanos and heads the Sub-directorate to which the new government commissioned the new two-mouth refinery project in Tabasco.
Gertz Manero did not specify more details about the investigations that will be judicializadas (as it is called the process of sending a folder of investigation to a judge to initiate process against the probable responsible ones) but said that it will proceed against Of all those who are involved.
Public version: Yes, but not…
Questioned by Political Animal On the resolutions of the INAI in which he has ordered, inter alia, that a public version of the research folders of the Odebrecht case be developed, the prosecutor Gertz Manero said that he is in favour of it, but in turn refused to desist from the demands of amparo promoted by their dependence not to abide by such instruction.
Lee: Odebrecht’s senior executives claim that Emilio Lozoya received $10 million dollars in bribes; He denies it
Gertz argued that these are claims for amparo promoted since the previous administration of the Prosecutor’s Office (i.e. the PGR) but that the institution is obliged to follow up until they know the ruling that the judges dictate. This in order not to incur possible violations that harm the outcome of the inquiries.
«We cannot violate a shelter because if we are not in breach of the law. Look, finally, everything’s going to come out, you don’t have to worry about that. I am in favour (that is transparent).
Insistírsele on the reason why they did not depart from these lawsuits because the current policy of the prosecution is in favor of transparency, Gertz said that they are matters where they do not have the absolute control because they did not initiate it, but that it touches them now «to pay L Consequences and you have to be very careful. »
Lee: AMLO government disables Odebrecht for three years
This media has documented how the Public Prosecutor’s office and Emilio Lozoya have promoted legal remedies since last year in order not to abide by the resolutions of the plenary of the INAI in which it orders that, because it is a matter of public interest and corruption , you must transparentarse the whole investigation.
It is pending that the federal judges resolve the background and ultimately the matter.
More than 600 detainees for corruption
The prosecutor Gertz Manero also announced that from December 1 to the date, the new federal government has filed 12700 complaints before the Federal public prosecutor for possible acts of corruption.
The dependencies from where most of the complaints have been made are the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), Petroleos Mexicanos, the Ministry of Public Security, the Treasury Department, the legal department.
«So far, more than 400 cases have been judicializado, with more than 620 detainees,» said the head of the FGR.
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