translated from Spanish: in March, femicides increased 85% and rapes 40%

In March 2021, femicides in Mexico City increased by 85.7%, and violations 40.4%, compared to the same month of 2020, were reported on Tuesday by the capital authorities.
In March last year, seven women were victims of femicide. In the same period but this year, 13 women were killed.
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At a press conference, Ernestina Godoy, holder of the CDMX’s Attorney General’s Office, reported that of the 13 femicides, arrest warrants were obtained for six, although only in four cases have they been complied with.
According to data from the Violence Against Women’s Alert report in Mexico City, 205 cases of rape were recorded in March, while in the same month last year 146 were recorded.
Crimes such as family violence and sexual intimacy also increased.
By family violence, complaints increased by 13.1%, and those for crimes against sexual intimacy grew by 50.8%.
By contrast, intentional homicides dropped by 60%, sexual abuse 5.5%, sexual harassment 30.1%, intentional injuries 27.7%, and human trafficking 77.8%.

The authorities indicated that as of 19 March, 399 female police officers were treated for violence, initiating the investigation and opening of an investigation folder.
In addition to showing the crime incidence figures for gender-based violence, the capital authorities boasted new DNA Bank facilities, government actions and programmes to address gender-based violence.
Questioned as to whether he was violating the election, Chief of Government Claudia Sheinbaum replied, “It is permissible.”
“No, of course not, only progress is made on the subject of the alert, no special presentation of any new show is made (…) The issue of safety, health and education is allowed because they are fundamental. There are some actions that are feasible for us to inform the public and one of them is the issue of security,” she said.
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