translated from Spanish: Prices of petrol and diesel in Michoacan, today Monday

Morelia, Michoacán.-On Monday, the average price per liter of gasoline and diesel in Mexico and Michoacan is as follows:
* National average price
Regular Gasoline: $19.35
Premium Gasoline: $20.73
Diesel: $21.02
* Average price in Michoacán
Regular Gasoline: $19.68
Premium Gasoline: $21.11
Diesel: $21.27
In Michoacan, these are the prices per liter that manage different service stations in some municipalities of the state:
Extension Avenue Aqueduct No. 7760
Regular $20.19
Premium $21.81
Diesel $22.33
Carretera Morelia – Charo No. 5800
Regular $19.80
Premium $20.70
Diesel $21.40
Carretera La HUACAA – Poturo Km 2.00 North margin
Regular $19.80
Premium $21.40
Diesel $21.45
Avenida Revolución S/N
Regular $19.91
Premium $21.29
Diesel $21.17
Km 4 Carretera Tanhuato – Vistahermosa S/N
Regular $20.65
Premium $21.87
Diesel $21.75
Km 24.6 Road La Piedad – Jiquilpan East margin
Regular $20.60
Premium $21.90
Diesel $21.80
Avenida insurgentes Sur No. 72
Regular $20.32
Diesel $22.29
To check the current prices in your municipality, visit the page of the Energy Regulatory Commission

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