translated from Spanish: Andrade asks Piñera to re-take the national agreement to analyze the crisis in the institutions

The former president of the Socialist Party, Osvaldo Andrade Sugi The possibility for president Sebastián Piñera to convene a new national agreement-such as those that prompted the start of his government-to address the widespread crisis of democratic institutions.
Andrade, in an interview with the cooperative radio, expressed “concern” over the panorama of allegations of corruption within the judiciary, the armed forces and of Orden, the Public Ministry and the churches.
“The feeling with which one remains is that the actors involved in these kinds of problems have shown tremendous capacity to accentuate and perfect the brutalities they are doing,” he said.
“This Public Ministry agreement with the church is nonsense… I find no qualification that is not rude (…) The president’s journey with his children (to China), the situation of the ‘ Rancagua disaster ‘… The only thing they express is that the delegitimization, to the citizenship, of the democratic institutions is accentuated, “said the exleader of the Chamber of Deputies.
“I would expect the President of the Republic to summon the political system to confront this problem, because it is not only corruption; It is a problem of democratic institutions: what is at stake here is Democratic institutionality, “Andrade warned.
The deputy argued that “democratic institutionality makes sense when citizenship recognizes legitimacy, and what is happening in this country is that citizenship is removing legitimacy from institutions (…) Then, or he is confronted and put a stop, or the process of delegitimization of Democratic institutionality continues to accentuate and the exits are going to be authoritarian: The Gallada will begin to miss… ”

Original source in Spanish

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