translated from Spanish: Producers will not yield to the target income

Sinaloa.-Not a step back will give the 16 agricultural organizations of the State, in terms of the marketing of maize at 4150 pesos per tonne, which were signed in a minute with the Sader, reported Faustino Hernandez. Through the agreement reached between the organizations, the leader of the League of Agrarian Communities said that under no circumstances will come to cede the 150 pesos to winemakers and collectors, therefore, said that it will defend at all costs so that the price of the 4150 Pesos arrives integrated to the Sinaloa producers. In this sense, also the local deputy by the PRI reported that a meeting will be sought during the week with the governor of the state, Quirino Ordaz Coppel, and the Secretary of State agriculture, Manuel Tarriba; And in turn to make an appointment with the Secretary of Agriculture and Rural Development of the federal government, Víctor Villalobos, to play the issue. Unit
With regard to the service charge of some industrialists such as Cargill and others added in the last week, the agricultural leader said that the action taken during the marketing process is repudiated. For its part, the President of the single Coordinator of producers of Sinaloa, Emilio Gonzalez, said that it will seek to fulfill the fight of all the producers, so that all the agreements embodied in the Minutes with Sader are concreted, the sale of all the production of Sinaloa and the target income of 4150 pesos. 

Therefore, the producer urged the farmers to go to the wineries and if they condition the receive, do the procedure in order to protect the grain and comply with the standard. Subsequently detailed will remove the charge.

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