translated from Spanish: OECD cannot dictate to Mexico: Helena Galván

MEXICO City.-The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) can not dictate to Mexico what to do, said Helena Sybel Galván, designated as Permanent Representative to the Agency. The organism cannot come to dictate to Mexico ‘ You must do this way ‘, ‘ he said during his appearance at the United Commissions of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Affairs, Europe, of the Senado.La degree in economics and teacher in public policy He noted that the new government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador would be subject to review and diagnosis.
This is how we will work: we will accept the diagnosis, seriously consider the recommendations, but who decides how to govern Mexico is Mexico, «he declared.

Galvan considered that the challenge for Mexico’s representation in the OECD will now be to adequately transmit to the body what policies the López Obrador administration is doing. » The role of us is to transmit to the Organization the policies of the Mexican government, the role of the Organization is to evaluate the policies, «he said, before being unanimously ratified by the Senators.» There is a lot of misinformation between what the government is doing and what the agency perceives, «he added. Interviewed by Reforma, the exfunctionary of the Bank of Mexico and the Ministry of Finance said that there will surely be a diagnosis on the new educational reform, if approved by Congress, but it will not be a major problem. » They will be explained in what it is, what the changes are, what is preserved, and at the time the OECD will have to assess what results the new educational reform has and will give us the recommendations in this regard, ‘ he explained.

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