translated from Spanish: Oriana Marzoli confessed that she was unfaithful to Luis Mateucci in double temptation

Oriana Marzoli The Spanish controversy that became known in our country for its participation in Mega realities, today has its own online program Mtmad. In the last episode where his ex, Alex Consejo, took the test of the ex-boyfriend and together they referred to how they met, among other things. Ademásm remembered his step through the reality double temptation. «People will wonder why I went crazy when I saw Alex by bundling with another, but deep down I still felt for Alex, I had not yet exceeded the issue Alex, because when I left with Luis, I went back with Alex. Now I confess myself for the first time in life, «he confessed. Among the topics he tried, the one who caught the most attention was when he admitted that he would have been unfaithful to the Argentine Luis Mateucci, alluding to the moments they shared in the reality. » I will also confess that once under the sheets I do got with Alex. But you know, I had to disimularAdemás, confessed that when he heard about Alex’s relationship with Argentina Paula Bolatti, became ‘ insane jealous ‘. The blonde even revealed that her later relationship with Luis Mateucci arose «for not liking (Alex) to see that I had lost, I always win, you know my mind and I can not allow a guy who has fucked me in front of all Chile , Spain and everyone on top tell me that you’re not obliged to me. The relationship between Marzoli and Mateucci lasted two years.

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