translated from Spanish: 24, 596 family mothers study with the INEA system

Michoacán.-In order to strengthen equity and educational inclusion, the priority of the new stage of education in Mexico, the National Institute for Adult Education (INEA) in Michoacán, currently serves 24596 mothers, at the levels Primary and secondary literacy, which is equivalent to 42. 25% of users.
In addition, through inter-agency coordination, efforts are made to ensure inclusion and educational equity for young people at a disadvantage or vulnerability, where young mothers and young pregnant women have access to an education That responds to your needs and interests.
It was in exercise 2018, when we attended 1029 young mothers and young pregnant women in 88 municipalities of our entity.
In this context of 2137 educational consultants, 807 are mothers, which is equivalent to 41.8%, being responsible for the accompaniment in the learning of users.
Likewise, 38 technical staff are mothers, who are responsible for planning to organize, coordinate, implement, link, supervise and follow up the educational services offered by the Institute, in the geographical areas assigned to them.
María de la Luz Hernández Ávila, teaching technician, mother of family, with 27 years of service, currently serves more than 250 mothers, in the different physical spaces with which the INEA, who have the desire to complete their basic education, “some mothers They study for personal improvement, others to support their children in their studies and to be an example for them. ”
He added that “most people do it by having a better job and improving the quality of life of their children, for the whole are their main motivation.”
In commemoration of Mother’s Day, the tradition dates back to ancient Greece. In Spain, was held on December 8th and then opted for the first Sunday in May. Although its true origin is unknown, there are several versions of when the celebration for the mothers was born. In England in the 17TH century, there was a similar event, also related to the Virgin, which was called Mother’s Sunday.
In Mexico mother’s Day has been born for 96 years, when the journalist Rafael Alducín Bedolla, founder of the newspaper Excelsior, made an invitation on April 13, 1922 to all the people, to propose a day of celebration to mothers , instituting with this call that, as of 10 May of the same year, this date would be agreed for the Mexicans to celebrate the moms.

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