translated from Spanish: Bielsa surprises warning that now his team renounces the «fair Play»

After the sporting gesture that his team had two weeks ago with the Aston Villa, now the Rosario recants: «We came to a common decision with the players,» he said.

Marcelo Bielsa reported that from now on his cast would renounce the «fair play» and will be based on the arbitrator’s decision for what is going on in the meeting. » We have reached a common decision with the players. We decided to adapt 100% to the rules and we understand that if we have a player on the lawn we do not have to take the ball, «Bielsa said at a press conference. And the DT deepened its determination: «We also think that if a player of the opposing team is on the ground, we should not interrupt the game and get the ball out. We all know that the person who has to make this decision is the referee. » «Before the game, we’ll tell the referee and the Derby coach (next opponent) and the captain that we will not act with fair play,» he added. It should be remembered that two weeks ago the Leeds were allowed to make a goal in front of Aston Villa. The picture of the ‘ Loco ‘ had been put in advantage in the scoreboard at 73 minutes with annotation of Mateusz Klich, so much that generated controversy and the annoyance of the footballers of Aston Villa, who claimed to be missing the ‘ fair play ‘ because one of his players was injured in Half the court. Leeds will face Derby County this Saturday for the first semifinal for the ascent to the Premier League

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