translated from Spanish: Mendocinas women organize and arm an exclusive taxi network for them

Yesterday, Wednesday, became effective nationally the law to prevent street harassment, however the Mendocinas seek their own alternatives to Afrotar and Avitar this type of situation. The idea of the «Women’s Remise» or «Femi taxi» as they call users and drivers, establishes a contact through Whatsapp, the car must be ordered with a day in advance, the first time. Once the first trip is made, the passengers already enter the network where, for future occasions it is not necessary to ask it with that time in advance. A flayer designed by themselves circulates in the networks, promoting the service and reaching as many mendocinas as possible.

On weekends services to clients are more frequent, as they ask to take them and go to the bowling alley. A strange fact is that 5% of my passengers do not get into a taxi ever on other occasions. They prefer to look for a relative or friend who takes them or directly does not come out. I mean, they stop doing any of their activities because they don’t have a transportation that they feel is safe, «I commented one of the drivers to a local newspaper.

We share a video made by the National University of Cuyo, in the context of International Women’s Day, with the testimony of Susan, a graphic designer who provides a transfeminist transport service.

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