translated from Spanish: Supreme Court announced transparency and probity measures for the judiciary

The President of the Supreme Court, Haroldo Brito, announced this day a series of measures of transparency and probity, which according to detailed «are aimed at working better behaviors.» The presentation of the measures, occurs after three ministers of the Court of Appeals of Rancagua, are under investigation for traffic of influences and improper payments. The measures announced, said Brito, originated in a proposal from the Supreme Court Modernization Committee, which was known to the plenary at the highest court on 26 April. Among the measures taken, public agenda was implemented for a number of authorities, including judges, court administrators and technical advisers, as well as the publication of the Daily Court installation Act. A public hearing of contests for the appointment of charges was also forced and the range of documents to be published was increased. Among the announcements it was established that ejecutoriadas disciplinary measures will be systematized and published in an annual statistical report on the judiciary’s website, which will be updated on a regular basis. » Several of the measures taken have already been implemented by the Supreme Court for years and what was resolved now is to extend them to all the courts in the country. Also, in terms of transparency, the judiciary has made an active policy even before the law on transparency and access to public information came into force. Area in which have developed some of the actions that are now strengthened and established as mandatory for the power Judicial.De done for years has been acted under the premise that all informacio´n of the judiciary is public, except that the Constitution and laws declare reserved. What is now stated in the respective act, «said Brito.

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