translated from Spanish: [VIDEO]Video of Oscar bargains in a drunken state

In the register the woman accuses the comedian of having provoked a violent situation in his house, where the police attacked her. The comedian was consulted by the network’s intruders program on this confusing episode, and he assured that he came to the artist’s house (without wanting to reveal the name, not to «harm her»). She ebrióed me and drugged me and stole my cell phone, clothes and silver (…) We’re going to lengthen the issue and it’s going to get nasty. Because I want to know what happened to me that day between 2 in the afternoon and 8 pm because I do not remember. I was the victim (…) I do not know what Huevá have put the copete, but there you saw me, «he defended the comedian who says that years ago does not drink alcohol. Caro, on the other hand, contacted the entertainment show and said that the humorist came up with a bottle of whiskey, which he consumed alone. She was with her 16-and 6-year-olds. However, and in the face of the humorist’s evident drunk, she lent her daughter’s bed to sleep for a while, as she had to drive home back, but she was not in the conditions to do so. But according to the Vedette, bargains was «very comfortable from the waist down naked, I do not know if you have fallen asleep or have not known where I was, I swear I do not know. But I said ‘ please, get dressed! Don’t you realize there are girls? ‘ he revealed. Adding that «I threw it down the street Boroa and I took the keys to the car, I said ‘ go to take a taxi, anything, tomorrow you come to get the car, ‘ and I got it out of there, ‘ he explained. After this, the humorist, who in 2017 confessed to being an alcoholic, returned to Marjorie’s house without understanding what was happening, but looking for the things that had been left. The daughter (6) of the woman was frightened because bargains did not want to withdraw from the place, so they called the police, but according to her, beat her to delete videos that recorded the comedian.

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