translated from Spanish: After a hard work, they manage to suffocate fire in Uruapan National Park

Uruapan, Michoacán.-After a hard day of personal work of the Government secretariat, through the State coordination of Civil Protection, in joint work with the National Forestry Commission (CONAFOR), the Michoacan Forestry Commission (COFOM) and bodies Municipales managed to suffocate the fire of the National Park of Uruapan Barranca del Cupatitzio in the municipality of Uruapan.
This sinister began on Wednesday night and lasted for much of Thursday, so the brigades and support staff came to the fire to quell the flames that devoured shrubs, trees and leaves.
As a result of the flames, 31 hectares were affected, of which two were of new trees, 15 hectares of shrubs, 10 hectares of herbs and four litters.
In the fire combat participated two brigades of Conafor; Two brigades of the Cofom; A state Civil protection; Two brigades of the municipality of Uruapan; a brigade of CONANP; A National Park brigade; One more volunteer firefighter.
It also used a Conafor tank, a tractor of water tanks, a fire truck and five pipes of water and was supported by a Municipal DIF ambulance and municipal public security personnel and Municipal transit.
Finally, the government Secretary invited the citizens to use the phone number 9-1-1 to attend any event.

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