translated from Spanish: May 5 and Donald Trump – the opinion of Héctor Marín Rebollo

The agony of absolutism manifested itself clearly in the politics of Napoleon III called «The Small One» by Victor Hugo. Ambitious, coup-minded, conservative and loyal to the ideas of colonialist domination led France to awkward adventures. He tried a protectorate in Ecuador, participated in wars in which he won nothing, lost the crown and made a fool in Mexico when his pupil and protégé Maximilian of Habsburg was shot in Queretaro on July 19, 1867.
Three years later Napoleon third was made prisoner on September 3, 1870 in sedan, (the Ardennes) during the Franco-Prussian War, he was sent to exile and died alone and abandoned in England.
At that time in the United States two projects were faced. In the north of that country, middle-class abolitionists wanted industries and therefore workers with salaries and the release of slaves throughout the nation. Abraham Lincoln was leading the project and Ulysses Grant was his chief of arms.
In the south the farmers landowners did not accept to pay wages to the black slaves. That faced the United States in the so-called secession war in which Jefferson Davis and General Edward Lee played the central roles of the Southern Confederate faction.
Napoleon third bet to take Mexico in three months with his troops, known as the best in the world, to thwart the competition that for France was already represented by the United States as a developing power, and by the way, impose in Mexico an «emperor» of the Habsburgs: Maximiliano.
On May 5, 1862 that, the best army in the world, was torn in melee combat by the Mexican army and the National Guard with the support of contingents of patriots from many Mexican entities, as well as the indigenous Xochiapulco , Tea, Cuetzalan and Xochitlán of the district of Zacapoaxtla, Puebla.
«National weapons have been covered with glory,» Zaragoza said to President Juárez. That stopped France more than a year and made possible the victory of Abraham Lincoln and the defeat of the slavers.
That was clearly understood in AMERICA.
The importance of this fact that astonished the world is historically celebrated (even in the White House), is not said in Mexico. But the Gaznápiro named Trump this year just despised the homage. What makes the ignorance of history! That guy doesn’t even read the paper.
Teacher of primary education, Licentiate and teacher in pedagogy, Diploma in the Karl Liebknetch School of Potsdam, Germany. He studied law at UNAM. He studied the master’s degree at the Spanish-Mexican university.

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