translated from Spanish: The market and the drug law II

The drug law II is a relevant project that will avoid abuses in the marketing of remedies, which in Chile s On one of the most expensive in Latin America, both for innovative drugs, but especially for generic drugs with fantasy brands.
And this has an origin: we all witness that the Chilean pharmaceutical market is not properly regulated and even more so when 90% of the points of sale belong to three large chains of pharmacies that also maintain a vertical integration with their Laboratories to sell their own brands, being the Chilean paradox of generic drugs with a name of fantasy, whose cost is much higher than the generic bioequivalent.
The examples given by the Sernac are scandalous: In the case of omeprazole, its value is $1,290 for the generic bioequivalent and $42,090, by the original brand Losec. In other words, a consumer can purchase up to 32 boxes of the bioequivalent drug for the price of the original. Another case is the drug used to treat cholesterol, with the active principle Atorvastatin, which according to the study was the most difference in price. While the original drug, Lipitor brand, of Pfizer Laboratory, is sold for $57,590, the generic bioequivalent of Laboratorio Chile has a price of $2,890.
Faced with this reality, today more than ever we need to give priority to this law so that, before winter, we have good news for the citizenry and we transparent and regulate the pharmaceutical market and pharmacy chains so that as a society we understand that Access to medicines should be understood as a right that must be guaranteed.

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