translated from Spanish: Bishop Durán claims his tenure is life and refuses to give up

The bishop and spokesman of Eduardo Durán Castro, Ricardo Fierro, said that the extraordinary assembly of pastors that took place in Chillán Viejo has no legal validity, because according to the statutes the charge of the questioned evangelical bishop It would be life. This fierce opposition to refusing to leave the post Pordría Desmbocar in a possible division of the first Pentecostal Methodist Church. This Saturday, the south of the country, the majority of the evangelical bishops gathered and Resolviero to take out Duran, and instead to make the appointment of a new leader of the institution by the Council of Shepherds, which fell in Daniel Balladares. The conclave counted on the Participation of 93 of the 132 pastors authorized to cover. Of these, 55 votes gave the position to Balladares, who is 82 years old and will exercise the work for the next two years. Fierro, briefly at the close of the meeting convened by Duran, said that the Assembly carried out by the pastors is not valid legally, because according to the statutes the charge of Duran is until his death. This would lead to a possible separation of the church, driven by pastors who decided to vote for a new leader. However, the Secretary general of the Pentecostal churches, Tito Maturana, announced that a modification of the statutes will be carried out and confirmed the irreversible nature of the exit of Durán. In the same line, deputy RN Leonidas Romero, who was part of the Evangelical caucus, said that Duran must take a step to the side because his actions are those that were out of all margin. Despite being formally removed and separated from his positions, the Exbishop Eduardo Durán quoted the afternoon of this Sunday to a meeting in the same seat from where they were abducted some days ago several computers with accounting information of the Evangelical cathedral. After the appointment, he came out with his security guards without giving statements. The departure was a result of the intention of Duran’s security that the journalists present at the site did not approach the religious, in some moments with shoving and aggressions that came to team damage and the fall of professionals in the interaction.

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