translated from Spanish: Guevara and food delivery plan that starts today: “No one can say we’re sure this is going to work out well”

During the day on Friday, the government program that seeks to deliver 2.5 million food baskets to the country’s most vulnerable families will be scheduled to start. It was the mayor of the Metropolitan Region, who approached the plan and insisted that this is a “great effort” in the midst of the crisis that has generated the coronavirus pandemic. “Many people have been working quietly day and night to be able to meet this enormous, colossal goal, which is to be able to give 1 million 650 thousand families in the region a food supplement, to partially alleviate the complex situation in which they find themselves. More on top of these cold and rainy days is especially necessary,” he said to Emol. On the delivery process, he acknowledged that “it has been complex, but there is very good cheer, very good disposition of all,” he said, adding that “this has never been done, so no one can say that we are sure that this will work out well. We have a lot of doubts, maybe we’re going to make mistakes.” In this way, the delivery of the boxes will begin with a pilot plan applied to families of Estación Central, Quinta Normal and Santiago. It will then spread to the entire Metropolitan Region, followed by the rest of the country. Armed Forces personnel will work on the occasion, as well as officials from the various government administrations.

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